Purpose of this blog

I will be a first year law student this August, embarking on my third career.  I started out as a consultant in the technology field, specializing in the architecture of collaboration solutions. When the tech bubble burst in 2002, I moved into Real Estate and Development, acquiring both a General Contractor’s license and a Real Estate Salesperson’s license.  I have always had a fascination with the legal profession and I plan to leverage my life experience to aid me in the practice of law.

In this blog I will be exploring topics about the use of technology in education and specifically as a law student, technology in general, the use of technology in the practice of law, the impact of technology on our laws, and how our laws impact technology.

This is the beginning of a journey, I welcome your comments and will do my best to respond.  I can also be followed on twitter http://twitter.com/atechlawyer

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