Unmasking Plaintiffs in Google Case

This post “ Unmasking Plaintiffs in (Firepond) Google Case “on law.com shows that all is not always as it seems.  When I first heard this story, I thought that it was a legitimate complaint to be concerned that someone searching on Google for your company name would be served up information/links on your competitors.  This can potentially be confusing for the searcher, who may not realize they are clicking on a competitor of the company/product they were searching for.

Then you find out that the people behind the suit have a history of acquiring patents, allegedly for the sole purpose of suing other people for patent infringement. Does that make the claim/suit any less valid? What impact does this have on innovation and the products available in the marketplace?  Is it protecting innovation or stifling it.  I think the next few years will be significant in the world of patent law, especially in the technology field and we will see changes in how patents are granted and what it takes to have an existing patent invalidated.

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