eBook reader should be an accessory to a computer

The more I ponder this whole concept, I am becoming convinced that the eBook reader needs to be able to perform both as a stand alone device and as an accessory to a computer.  I want to be able to easily transport it and read the material without being burdened by the need to have a computer up and running, but I also want access to the material from the computer to easily incorporate the information into work I am producing.  For example, to copy and paste a passage to be cited in a paper, or a chart to be referenced in a presentation.  The eBook reader as an accessory to a computer does not seem to be an idea that has been often discussed.

This would also you to utilize two screens and thus be more productive, you could be looking at the annotated highlighted text of the reference material while writing about it on the computer screen, versus constantly swapping back and forth.  Adding a 2nd monitor to my computer system (often referred to as a dual monitor setup) was one of the most “Green” things I have done in terms of reducing unnecessary printing.  Before that I often found it necessary to print material simply to refer to it while writing something else.  Once I was able to view the source material simultaneously with the material being created, it significantly reduced the amount of printing I was doing.  As I continue to think about the practicalities of studying with an eBook, it is clear to me that it would difficult to accomplish with a single screen device.

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