Effect of Blogging and commenting on Legal Proceedings

Ok, this article contains a detailed look with multiple citations about cases and bar association rules that limit or control what an attorney can say or post in a blog or online forum.  The outcome of trials have been questioned and bloggers deposed to determine their level of interaction with juries.  It raises the question of a juror blogging and then interacting with commenter’s of the blog and whether or not that is a violation of the rules regarding extrinsic communications.

I believe this is an area that will be quite controversial over the next several years as the law adapts to the new technologies available.  The definitions of journalism are changing and the real time nature of communication via the internet and wireless mobile devices change the impact in a dramatic fashion.  I would encourage anyone interested in these issues to hit the link and read the article.

I was also impressed with the quality of writing in this article and the links to the reference cases, it was easy to follow and become more educated on the subject.  The article in itself serves to show the power of technology and the ease in which information can be disseminated.   I have also added one of the referenced blogs Protect Speech to my blog list.

Legal Technology – How Blogging Affects Legal Proceedings

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