Netbook vs. Notebook – What’s right for you?

Just sharing this article that might help students trying to decide how much “horsepower” they need in their mobile computer.  It gives a good comparison of netbooks vs. notebooks. Personally, I am trying to reduce the number of computers I am using.  If one machine can meet all needs that would be great, but I think we are still not there yet.  For me the biggest challenge is video editing.  I am interested to see how the forthcoming Nehalem mobile processors will change the game, but the likelihood have a having an under five pound notebook with discrete graphics is low.

I think I will using a notebook (possibly a tablet) for mobile and most purposes and then having a desktop as a family machine that is also used for video editing. I am concerned about the limited processing power of the netbooks, but if budget is your primary concern and you are aware of their limitation, it might be the right choice for you.

Living with a netbook: The performance penalty | Laptops and Desktops |

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