Will touchscreen Windows 7 netbooks be hot or not?

I think the question posed here is a good one, but I wish the author was advocating for manufactures to produce touch screen convertible tablets.  It’s definitely a chicken vs. the egg type of question, very similar to the 64 bit OS issues.  Software companies won’t build applications until there is a market for them, but people don’t buy the hardware/OS until there are applications for it.  I have been debating the move to 64 bit with Windows 7, but there are still too many application issues for me to be comfortable using it as my primary machine.  Even Microsoft’s own software (such as OneNote) has issues with printer drivers that has only recently been addressed. The issues with Intuit’s Quickbook’s and 64 bit Vista are also well known.

As I have previously stated, the killer app for touch screens may very well be eBooks.  When you consider the price of the Kindle vs. a netbook or a full blown notebook, it doesn’t make sense to buy one if you can the a superset of the functionality, for a few hundred dollars more.  I think touch tablets are being held back by the smaller screen size.  A 15” convertible tablet would still be portable, yet offer enough screen real estate to really take advantage of the functionality in an all day machine.  I am currently using a 17” notebook whose size and weight affect its portability. It is a wonderful desktop replacement machine and can take advantage of a 2nd monitor when I am not travelling, but using it on a plane in economy class can be a challenge and the weight becomes a factor when carried for long periods of time. At 7.7 lbs it is not lightweight.  But as a law student, I love the idea of having my textbooks digitally on my computer, the more I think about though, it is likely two screens would be required for most work other than reading and highlighting.  One for the textbook and another to contain the notes.  Easier enough to accomplish when studying at home, but I am concerned about the difficulty of carrying around the notebook and a 2nd monitor to classes each day to enable me to refer to the textbook and my notes simultaneously.

Bottom line, I think they will be hot and people will start to use touch screen netbooks as eBooks especially at price point under $500.

Will touchscreen Windows 7 netbooks be hot or not? | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com

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