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Mr. Schmidt, step down from that board | Webware – CNET

July 10, 2009

I thought this was a great piece describing the apparent conflict of interest Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has in sitting on Apple’s Board of Directors now that Google is developing their own operating system Chrome.  There were already issues whenever iPhone discussions came up, due to Google’s Android operating system for mobile phones.  But if Schmidt now needs to recuse himself from discussions regarding the Mac OS, that will most likely have a significant impact on his ability to contribute to the board’s discussions.  It is interesting how intertwined technology companies are and the impact of trying to compete and interoperate all at the same time.


Mr. Schmidt, step down from that board | Webware – CNET

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Boingo awarded patent for hotspot access | MuniWireless

July 2, 2009

I find this one surprising.  Bonigo has been awarded a patent for accessing a wireless network from any mobile device, be it a cell phone, laptop, or netbook.  Is this the type of “idea” that should be patented? Isn’t the whole idea of wireless networking to provide portability of the devices that intend to connect to the network.  I see this is as another piece of evidence that the patent process needs serious overhaul.

That thought is compounded by the fact that the original application was in 2002 and it took seven years to be granted!  How many businesses have been built on this type of technology and now may be found in violation of this patent and become responsible for licensing fees? Further, how has the “prior art” issue been addressed.

The more I learn about the patent process, the more questions I have.

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Boingo awarded patent for hotspot access | MuniWireless

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