Barmax has free MRPE prep and now has an iPad app

Here is a link to the TechCrunch article about Barmax updating their Bar preparation application and releasing it for the iPad. But perhaps of more immediate interest to law students is their free MPRE app.

From the Barmax website, the MPRE app:


The days of being forced to sign-up for an overpriced bar review course just so you can study for the MPRE are officially over. With BarMax MPRE, you get everything you need to pass the MPRE for free. No strings attached.

BarMax MPRE includes:

– Outline & audio lecture
– Email support (live contact with Harvard-educated lawyers)
– Skeleton outline for note taking (email for skeleton outline)
– 174 REAL practice MPRE questions from previous exams
– Over 100 flashcards categorized by subject
– Lifetime access to the app and course materials
– Review includes:

  • Regulation of the Legal Profession
  • The Client-Lawyer Relationship
  • Conflicts of Interests & the Duty of Loyalty
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Duty of Competence
  • Litigation & Other Forms of Advocacy
  • Communications with Persons Other than Clients
  • Different Roles of the Lawyer
  • Safekeeping Funds & Other Property
  • Communications About Legal Services
  • Lawyers’ Duties to the Public & the Legal System
  • Judicial Conduct


Certainly, a great way to get a feel for Barmax’s style before committing to a $1,000 application to study for the Bar Exam.  (remember at this time Barmax only supports the CA and NY bars, but the MPRE is standard across jurisdictions that require it.)

As a side note, I categorized this under eBooks as well, because I think interactive apps for education are part of the eTextbook revolution, and offer a better learning experience than static text on a page.


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