Kno shipments delayed, no word on why or for how long

Engadget managed to get the following quote from Kno about the shipping delay:

“Things at Kno are going well. However, as you noted below, there has been a shipment delay. As soon as Kno has new information, we will share that with customers and can certainly give you a heads up if that is helpful.”

Unfortunately, Kno’s press page, which interesting enough links to other Engadget stories on the KNO, such as Switched On: Getting from Kno to yes, part 1 and Switched On: Getting from Kno to yes, part 2 has neither information on the delay or a link to the Engadget story on the issue.  So we are left only to wonder why it has been delayed and when will it ship?  I for one am dissappointed to hear this news, as I the early news on the Kno made it sound as if it had the potential to be a game changer in the eBook space and I believed it had strong potential for use in the legal profession.


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