Kno maybe selling tablet hardware business, focusing on software instead

From all things Digital: Kno Student Tablet Start-Up in Talks to Sell Off Tablet Part of Its Business

Kno–the much-funded and high-profile Silicon Valley start-up aimed at making tablet computers focused at students–is considering selling off the entire hardware part of the business and is in talks with two major consumer electronics manufacturers to do so, according to sources close to the situation.

Sources said Kno execs have recently decided that the quicker-than-expected uptake in tablet production by a multitude of powerful device makers had made its efforts to package a seamless offering less critical.

Instead, the company will focus on its robust software and services to offer students on the Apple iPad, as well as upcoming tablets based on Google’s Android mobile operating system and others.


Leaving aside the effect this has had on those who had preordered tablets from Kno (here’s hoping the company finds a way to make it up to them) I think this is great move for Kno and one I had personally recommend to them through their advisory panel. I think working with a major manufacturer to keep the hardware costs low and including a digitizer that enables both finger and stylus input is the wave of the future. I am picturing Kno being an application running on top of Android or iOS  and enabling this functionality.  You could use Kno to then read and annotate a PDF file or case and then print it with markups/highlighting to use at trial.

The company is apparently still in a quiet period and has announced intentions to inform interested parties of their plans on April 14, 2011.   Though it is disappointing that the last update on their Press/News Page is from January 25th, 2011 touting their student ambassador program.



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