Pen-based Apps? HTC’s Scribe Technology Will Open to Third-Party Development

From Phandroid

Even if the HTC Flyer comes off as a bit last-generation compared to the current rank of tablet heavyweights, it does offer one feature that few others have: a stylus used not for basic interaction and navigation, but rather for taking notes, doodling, and procuring and annotating screen grabs.

HTC plans to open up their Scribe technology to third party developers, enabling them to see uses they have for the pressure sensitive stylus that comes packaged with the Flyer.

I have been advocating for this type kind of tablet/stylus for use with eBooks, particularly textbooks and for use to mark up exhibits or depositions for use at trial.  I hope it catches on and we see its use expand. The beauty is that you do not need the stylus to use the tablet, it is not required for navigation or apps at all. It only comes into play when you want to take advantage of its ability to act as a pen for highlighting or writing.  It is that choice that may make the Flyer stand out.

I also think it is unfortunately that manufacturers are continuing to focus on gaming and movie watching  as opposed to more business functionality.  I think that is holding back the tablet market.


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