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Logic – all too sadly ignored in today’s world.

June 13, 2014

I see these errors committed all too often today. Sadly, I do not think enough people are familiar with the rules of logic to recognize them for what they are. That means referring to them by their labels is not enough to defeat them. One must now spend the time explaining the fallacy of the logic as opposed to the substance of the argument.



Amazon Uses Steve Jobs’ Own Words in Defense to Apple Lawsuit

April 28, 2011

It appears there are additional depositions in Steve Job’s future.  If a company’s CEO is using its “trademark” term in a generic way, doesn’t that weaken its exclusivity and make it easier for a court to find that it is available for other companies to use? today responded in court to Apple’s lawsuit over the name of its Android Appstore — calling the iPhone maker’s claim to the “App Store” trademark baseless, and pointing to a statement from Apple CEO Steve Jobs as one piece of evidence in its favor.

The Seattle-based online retailer asked a federal judge in San Francisco to throw out Apple’s trademark suit, calling the phrase “app store” generic and not something that Apple can claim for its exclusive use. Amazon’s filing echoed Microsoft’s arguments in a separate dispute at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office opposing Apple’s attempt to register the trademark.

In the filing (PDF, 10 pages), Amazon points in part to comments by Steve Jobs last fall. Speaking on Apple’s quarterly conference call, Jobs referred repeatedly to “app stores,” in a generic sense, while criticizing the fragmentation of Google’s Android platform.

So there will be at least four app stores on Android, which customers must search among to find the app they want and developers will need to work with to distribute their apps and get paid. This is going to be a mess for both users and developers. Contrast this with Apple’s integrated App Store, which offers users the easiest-to-use largest app store in the world, preloaded on every iPhone.”

Since filing the lawsuit against Amazon, Apple has asked the court to move on an accelerated schedule to impose a preliminary injunction barring Amazon from using the Appstore name. The court has yet to rule on that request, which Amazon opposes.

From: Geekwire

Google Docs gets an Android app, lets you capture text with your phone’s camera

April 27, 2011

Google’s had a mobile-friendly version of Google Docs available for some time now, but it’s now finally gone the extra step and released a dedicated Android app. That will of course let you access and edit your documents on your smartphone, but the real standout feature is the ability to capture text with your phone’s camera and have it instantly made editable thanks to some optical character recognition. Google notes that won’t work with handwriting or some fonts, but it promises it will get better over time.

From: Engadget

Here is the android market link to install it.

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